One month later… a less anxious mess

It's been a little over a month since I admitted to the world [more like 100 people but give or take a couple] that I was an anxious mess. I expressed the fact that I was fed up and felt trapped on this roller coaster that wouldn't let me off. Since then however, lemme tell … Continue reading One month later… a less anxious mess

An anxious mess at 3:27 am

As the title states, it’s currently 3:27 am and I am indeed a MESS. I’ve been hanging on by a thread these last couple of months but I refuse to let go. I’ve decided that I want to keep fighting, now more than ever before. There’s no structure to this post (much like my life … Continue reading An anxious mess at 3:27 am

Why you should choose organic coconut oil (guestpost)

Happy Saturday! Just in time for self-care Sunday, we have a very informative guest post the lovely folks over at The Coconut Company. With my transition over to more natural and organic skincare products, I've noticed that the bulk of them contain coconut oil. This is because coconut oil has a large array of benefits … Continue reading Why you should choose organic coconut oil (guestpost)

Quarantine birthday: yay or nay?

In true Mikayla Cherise fashion I started writing this post a couple months ago as I anticipated the big 20. The post however, had to be altered when I realized that I'd be spending my birthday in self-isolation. Not the most ideal of circumstances but such is life. I did however try to make the … Continue reading Quarantine birthday: yay or nay?

Cooking with Bangs| quarantini recipe

Happy Saturday! I'm back with another blog post and I may or may not have decided to start another series on here called 'cooking with bangs'. Hello, nice to meet you, I'm Bangs. I got the nickname when I cut bangs 2 years ago (?) and it just stuck. Now you and I both know … Continue reading Cooking with Bangs| quarantini recipe

A plastic free July-Are you up for the challenge?

Hello hello hello. Long time no talk. I've been in a bit of a rut as of recently and I had absolutely no clue what to blog about. Until a couple days ago. I was listening to a podcast called Live Planted and the topic of conversation was Plastic Free July. I saw the title … Continue reading A plastic free July-Are you up for the challenge?

Menstrual cups: hit or miss?

Let's talk periods. We all have them, we all dread them and we all wish there was a way to make those horrendous days a bit easier. But what if I told you there was? I know. This sounds like the intro to a cheesy advert. But hear me out. I've been hearing about menstrual … Continue reading Menstrual cups: hit or miss?