A transitioning Vegan

I’ve had the label of Vegetarian for about a year and a half now and recently decided to make the leap over to Veganism. Previously I would eat a vegetarian diet that consisted of minimal dairy and eggs, but I hadn’t cut them out completely. I always thought that being a vegan would be too difficult and that I wasn’t ready, but last week I decided to challenge myself. Now, almost a week later, I can safely say that I love this lifestyle and have never felt better. I have more energy, I don’t feel bloated and it may just be in my head but my skin is glowing and has never looked better. And it has only been 6 days!!!

The most difficult part of this lifestyle for me so far has been the fact that I get hungry a lot quicker. This happened to me when I first went Vegetarian and I eventually got over it (or at least accustomed to it) so fingers crossed the same happens this time around as well. I am aware that on a vegan diet your metabolism is quickened so this is to blame for my constant hunger. I’ve been dealing with this problem by eating more snacks (usually fruit) in smaller portions but still find myself wanting more. I’ve also been craving the non-Vegan food that I’d usually eat but so far I have not given in. I’m still going strong!

I’ve also found it more difficult to find and prepare meals. Living in Trinidad means that my Vegan options are limited as there isn’t a wide variety of Vegan grocery items available and the Vegan options at restaurants are limited. However it is still doable. And of course, I like a good challenge.

I’ve been pondering over the last few days and I find myself asking “Can I really identify as a Vegan?” Although I do not wear clothing from animals and I now eat strictly plant based, I still use products that are tested on animals and I am not sure if I can make the change anytime soon. You see my dilemma.

This was my first Vegan update and there will be many more to come as I take you along on my journey to Veganism. Follow me on social media and feel free to send me a message about Veganism or anything at all!



4 thoughts on “A transitioning Vegan

    1. In short, my love for animals, the health aspect and the environment. I’ll be doing a post explaining it in greater detail soon 🙂


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