7 tips for quick hair growth + healthy hair

In 2015 I chopped off the majority of my long hair and was left with just a few inches. It seemed like a good idea at the time but I regretted my decision soon after – which every girl has done at least once in her life. I tried different products that claimed to promote hair growth but nothing seemed to work so I settled for the length that my hair was at the time. Around this time I straightened my hair way too often and it became pretty heat damaged. Fast forward to mid 2016 when I decided to try growing my hair out once again. I found that most of the well-known tips that tend to be overlooked actually work and helped my hair to grow at a much quicker rate. Not only was my hair getting significantly longer, but it was also most importantly, healthy. I personally don’t believe in using hair pills in order to promote growth and much rather use alternative, natural methods like the ones I’m sharing with you today.

 1. Eat a balanced diet- probably the most overlooked tip of all but in fact, an important on. A balanced diet consisting of sufficient vitamins and nutrients is as necessary for your hair as it is your skin. This will ensure that your hair is healthy and grows quickly. Also, be sure to drink a lot of water as it helps to stimulate hair growth and keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

2. The inversion method–  in order to do this, firstly invert/flip your head over. Then massage your scalp using warm oil of your choice for four minutes (while still in the inverted position). This helps with the blood flow to your head thereby promoting growth. Be sure to raise from this position slowly to avoid dizziness. This can be done once a week.


 3. Avoid unnecessary heat– air dry your hair instead of blow drying it and avoid straightening or curling it. The more heat you use, the longer your hair will take to grow and the quicker it may become heat damaged.


4. Minimise your number of wash days– only wash your hair using shampoo when necessary as shampoo strips the hair of oils that help with hair growth. I suggest using shampoo once a week and co-washing (washing your hair using only conditioner) on the other wash days.


 5. Trim your hair regularly– it is important that you to trim your hair every few months in order to prevent and/or get rid of existing split ends. Trimming will prevent split ends from working their way up strands of hair (which would require you to cut off even more hair eventually).


6. Brush from the bottom up- brushing your hair, starting at the ends and working your way upward helps to minimise breakage which can cause your hair to appear shorter.


7. Keep your hair moisturised- using hair masks and leave in conditioners (store bought or diy) can help to keep your hair moisturised and prevent breakage. This will also keep your hair looking healthy and feeling soft.



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