Why are Vegans so pushy?

The stereotype associated with Vegans is that we are always angry and pushy when it comes to our views vs the views of non-Vegans. And yes, while there are Vegans of that sort, I assure you that we’re not all like that.

With that being said, sometimes it may be hard to keep our cool, especially when our morals and values are in question. As a Vegan I very often get asked why I do it and why I made the change. When I answer, explaining my views (maybe even throwing a few stats in there as most Vegans tend to do) people get defensive. Is it their way of coping with the truth? Do they feel guilty and therefore try to justify the way they live? This often leads to a long debate. And of course, I tend to get heated and angry in these situations. Not angry at the person that i’m talking to, but angry at the fact that they don’t care enough about the environment, the animals and their health to even consider the fact that I may be ‘right’.

As a huge lover of animals, it baffles me that people, once educated on the harsh realities of the meat, dairy and egg industries, could still live a non-Vegan lifestyle. How could I not get defensive when it comes to this topic? From my perspective, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to treat animals the way we as a population do. And by extension, no need to kill them for food. But of course there are the people who would argue that that animals were put on this earth for us to eat and believe that we are the superior beings (I talk more about this in my why I went Veganpost). There is usually no convincing these people otherwise…And believe me, I’ve tried.

It’s easy to say that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and can choose to live his/her life in any given way. HOWEVER, I believe that the line should be drawn when innocent sentient beings are tortured and killed just for taste (we’re in 2017! There is Vegan mock meat that tastes just like the real thing…and it doesn’t cause any suffering). Not to mention the impact that one person’s diet has on the environment. And although I may eat a plant based diet to help save the planet, it’s still being destroyed by those who fail to make the connection. One person’s decision to be non-Vegan affects ALL of us…including the animals and the planet that we call home.

If humans were being treated the same way that the animals are then something would have surely been done about it. Why don’t we show that same initiative when it comes to animal rights?

Ironically we consider our pets members of the family and wouldn’t dare harm them ourselves or let anyone else do so. But what is the difference between our pets and chickens, pigs and cows? The animals that are killed for food are just as intelligent as our pets (if not more) and certainly feel the same emotions and pain. Why is it okay to pick which animals we want to eat and which we want to treat like family? We tend to discriminate. But shouldn’t we love ALL animals?

Although I am educated on the issue now, this wasn’t the case a few years ago. I too turned a blind eye to the harsh realities behind what I was eating. But now as I am more aware, I try to do my part and speak up for the animals. After all, if we don’t, who will?


6 thoughts on “Why are Vegans so pushy?

  1. So you think non vegans don’t give a shit about the environment because they eat meat? GURRLL get yourself checked and stop judging others based on their lifestyle!! You don’t know what’s in their hearts or minds and they shouldn’t be seen as being less of a human because they don’t choose the same lifestyle as you. And to say they don’t care about animals.. tsk tsk tsk shame on you. As you mentioned you yourself weren’t always vegan and you’re an animal lover so are you telling me that back then you didn’t love animals or care about the environment? Not trying to decrease the severity of matters such as climate change and its gruesome effects but listen kid there’s a fine line between badgering people and educating them. Not to offend you or your work but this post seemed more aggressive than informative. Good luck on your journey to save the world. I hope one day you’ll realise that anger isn’t the way to encourage or motivate people to choose something above themselves. I’ll be here helping the world with kindness, love and humility just as you should. ✌🏼(I also hope you choose to keep this comment publicised to readers can see multiple perspectives) -A non-vegan xx

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