All about my healing crystals

The idea of healing crystals always fascinated me. “Do they really work? And if so, how do they work?” These are questions that I  thought to myself. Earlier this year I came across a bunch of them for sale at the Green Market and couldn’t help but buy a few, all of a different type and all having different healing properties. After doing my research I’ve learned a thing or two about them and as requested, I’ll share a bit of that knowledge with you all today.

My crystals:

Let’s start with the Amethyst crystal.


Its name is derived from the Greek word Ametusthos which can be translated to “not intoxicated”. This crystal may be used to ward off negative influences. It also helps with stress and calms the nervous system and brain. This helps with headaches and migraines. It is also known to relieve symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety Disorders. This crystal is said to enhance spiritual awareness and is associated with the crown chakra which is located at the top of the head, hence the connection with the brain and nervous system.

Next, we have the pyrite crystal.


This crystal may be used for getting rid of confusion as it assists with mental clarity and it sheds light on any problems you may be experiencing. It also helps with decision making and promotes perseverance and willpower. The pyrite crystal can also help break negative habits. It is also a stone of luck and attracts prosperity to its user.

A stone that I tend to use often is the Snowflake Obsidian. 


This stone is said to not only see the hope in a negative and challenging situation but to also give you to strength to take action. This stone helps keep you focused in a chaotic situation and can remove negativity from a space or individual. It is great for cleansing one’s emotions such as anger, jealousy, greed, resentment etc.

The Aquamarine crystal.


This is a  water crystal which helps with dehydration. It also has to do with spiritual communication and clears communication blocks. This crystal is used to align all the chakras. It is also a great crystal for students as it encourages intellectual growth and inner knowledge.

The last crystal that I use is a Quartz Crystal. 


This crystal focuses and grounds one’s energy, helping to bring peace and calm. It counteracts the effects of radiation and is said to protect one’s home from negative energies. It will not only absorb negative energy that is directed towards you but it will also convert that energy to a positive one. This crystal also helps ease pain in the lower back, hips and legs.

How I cleanse my crystals:

Cleansing your crystals is very important as it helps to maintain that positive energy and remove any negative energy that they may have absorbed over time.

There are a few methods that can be used to cleanse your crystals. One of my favourites is the sea salt method. All you need is a bowl of dry sea salt. You can place your crystals in the bowl overnight and all of the unwanted energy will be absorbed by the salt. It is important to place the bowl of salt in sunlight so that the negative energy which has been transferred to it can be absorbed. Once this is done, the salt can be used once again, the next time you need to cleanse your crystals.

You can also use the light of a full moon to charge your crystals. Simply put them out overnight so that they can absorb the positive energy and re-energize.

Do they work?

My experience with healing crystals so far has been a positive one and I do believe that they work. It’s something about knowing that they’re there that has such a positive impact on my energy. Maybe it’s just a mindset…or maybe they really do work…or maybe a combination of both! Do you use crystals? Share your story with me in the comments below. I’m interested in hearing other opinions.

I will be doing another post soon on the different chakras and my chakra bracelet very soon. Stay tuned 🙂 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Be sure to follow my blog and connect with me on social media to stay up to date with all things CaribbeanCurl!


14 thoughts on “All about my healing crystals

  1. I usually put mine in the moonlight . I can’t wait for the chakra post . I need to get back to my chakra meditations . I must be way blocked by now . I think I will start wearing one of my crystals daily

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  2. I love crystals & stones in general. Even for their beauty although I know about their healing properties. I find that pyrite crystal really fascinating. It looks as if it’s from another planet. Very interesting read, I will be back for more!

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