Veganism Q&A

In honour of World Vegan Day, I decided to do a Question & Answer post where I answer the questions (about Veganism) that you sent in. Let’s hop right into the questions, shall we?

How can you be Vegan in Trinidad if you’re on a budget?

I addressed this topic in my ‘Is Veganism Expensive‘ post so be sure to give that a read. But in terms of living in Trinidad and being Vegan, eating out will be your biggest problem. Cooking at home means that you can purchase legumes, grains, vegetables etc, basically the staples, to keep the cost of living at a minimum. Most of the grocery items you currently purchase are already Vegan and you just need to replace a few items or cut them out completely. Eating at home is definitely the way to go if you want to stick to a budget but there’s nothing wrong with eating Vegan sushi or pasta from your favourite Vegan food places every once in a while. In terms of eating out, more and more restaurants around the country are offering Vegan options (at pretty reasonable prices) and the demand is increasing so, therefore, it’s only going to get more and more affordable. Which is great for us Vegans. If you Google search ‘Vegan food in Trinidad’ you’ll get a list of restaurants and cafes that are tailored to Vegans and Vegetarians. You can also look at restaurant menus online and compare prices to find the most affordable places to eat!

What are the benefits of Veganism?

The list of benefits is endless and if I had to address each one…we’d be here until next Sunday’s post. So I’ll just touch briefly on a few of them.

Firstly, there are so many health benefits. Studies have shown the blood of those on a Vegan diet is able to fight off cancer about eight times better than the of those on a standard American Diet. Persons who eat meat are also two-three times more likely to become demented in their old age when compared to Vegans. Did you know that Diabetes can be prevented and treated with a Vegan diet? Fun fact: Consuming the amount of cholesterol found in just a single egg a day can cut a woman’s life short as much as smoking five cigarettes a day for fifteen years. Lastly, the consumption of animal-based products increases your risk of High Blood Pressure significantly. It only takes twelve days of eating a plant-based diet to reduce one’s blood pressure.

All the facts I stated were taken from studies and you can listen to this speech for greater detail and even MORE health benefits.

There are also environmental benefits as the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is animal agriculture. It is also accountable for 91% of Amazon destruction and 51% of water usage in the U.S. Your carbon footprint can be reduced by 51% by going Vegan. Going Vegan helps save the planet!

And of course, it benefits the animals. 56 BILLION animals are killed for food every year. And they do not live happy lives in large open fields before they are killed. In fact, their lives are the complete opposite of what is advertised. They are tortured and illtreated just so we can eat something that we CAN live without.

What is the hardest part about Veganism?

Personally, the hardest part is not being understood by the persons around me. While I have Vegan friends and persons I chat with, the majority of my social interactions are with friends and family who can’t seem to comprehend why I do it or simply disagree with my views. This can be challenging at times.

Do you miss eating meat?

This is probably the question I get asked most of all. And the answer is no. I do not miss the meat or any animal products for that matter. Let me explain why; I am Vegan for a number of reasons (click here for more detail) and personally, taste is not good enough a reason to ever eat meat again. I simply know too much about the environmental and health effects and the cruelty of the industry for me to willingly contribute by eating animal-based products.

Do you ever crave meat? And if yes, how do you suppress the feeling?

Also another commonly asked question. Yes. I do crave meat from time to time. Not very often but it does happen. When it happens, I remind myself why I do what I do. I remind myself of all the horrific footage I’ve seen from slaughterhouses and that I am Vegan for certain reasons.

Thank you all for your questions. Hope I was able to answer them well 🙂


7 thoughts on “Veganism Q&A

  1. What vegan/cruelty makeup brands, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, fabric softener, soap, candles and deodorant do you use?


    1. I haven’t yet switched out all of my products but I use hask and every strand hair products and bath and body works candles and soaps 🙂


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