20 must-watch Christmas movies

I think it’s safe to say that I LOVE Christmas. I love everything from the decor, to the festive music and the holiday movies. Every year I have quite a range of Christmas movies that I like to watch (I usually start watching them in September. I am that obsessed). There’s something about sitting with a cup of coffee or tea (in a Christmas mug of course), with the tree all lit up while watching a Christmas movie that makes me feel oh so festive. I’ve compiled a list of my must-watch movies. The ones that I absolutely love and that get me in the Christmas spirit. I tried to keep the list concise but that didn’t really work out did it? I couldn’t help myself so bear with me through this somewhat long list of my favourites.

Romantic Christmas movies:

  1. Merry Kissmas (2015)- This movie is about a young girl named Kayla who is conflicted. She is unsure about marrying her Fiance and becomes even more unsure when she kisses a stranger in an elevator. The movie is set around Christmas time which gives it that perfect holiday setting.

2. A cookie cutter Christmas (2014)- Due to an ongoing rivalry, Christine enters herself in a baking competition at a school event and competes against a fellow teacher. In the process of doing this, she falls for the father of her new student. This movie is the perfect medium for a romantic comedy and Christmas movie. I definitely recommend it.

3. How Sarah got her wings (2015)- After her fatal accident, Sarah returns to earth as an ‘Angel in training’ and must help someone in need within twelve days in order to be accepted into heaven. This movie is both festive and a tear-jerker. Certainly one of my favourites.

4. A wish for Christmas (2016)- Sarah has her idea stolen at work and asks Santa for the courage to stand up for herself. I found this movie very interesting and fun to watch as I was able to relate to Sarah.

5. A dog walker’s Christmas tale (2015)- This movie is about a young girl, Luce, who takes up a dog walking job. She is then persuaded by her new friend to help save the dog park in which they met, from being bulldozed by her employer.

6. The Spirit of Christmas (2015)- Sarah, a young attorney falls in love with a spirit who is only visible during the 12 days leading up to Christmas. The plot of this movie is interesting and certainly a great one.

7. A Royal Christmas (2014)- This has recently become one of my favourites. It’s about a young girl who unknowingly falls in love with a prince and struggles to be accepted as ‘royalty’.

8. Once Upon a Holiday (2015)- This movie is about a princess who is visiting New York. She runs away to explore the city and falls in love with a helpful passerby.

9. A Christmas Prince (2017)- A reporter goes undercover at the castle in order to get information for her article and has quite the experience. If you watch one Christmas movie this season, it should be this one. It’s such a great movie.

Family Christmas movies-

10. I’ll Be Home for Christmas (1998)- This a traditional Christmas movie is about the obstacles faced by a young boy as he attempts to make it back home in time for Christmas.

11. The Santa Clause (1994)- This movie is about a man, Scott, who is magically transported to the North Pole and becomes Santa.

12. The Santa Clause 2 (2002)- In an engrossing sequel to the previous movie, Scott faces a challenge as he must find a wife by Christmas in order to remain Santa.

13. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)-  Chaos breaks loose in the third ‘The Santa Clause’ movie when Jack frost attempts to steal the title of Santa. This movie an unexpected twist making it an engrossing one.

14. Angels in the Snow (2015)- A dysfunctional family learns a valuable lesson from a loving family who stays with them through a blizzard. There is a huge plot twist in this movie which made it all the more interesting. Definitely a must-watch!

15. Elf (2003)- Buddy was accidentally sent to the North Pole when he was a toddler and has been raised as an elf there. He then journeys to New York to find his biological father. This has always been one of my favourites to watch around Christmas time.

16. The Lost Christmas (2011)- The plot of this movie is quite an interesting one. It’s full of detail and surprises and gives you a lot to think about. It is about a man named Anthony who wakes up in the streets with the ability to see what persons have lost with just a touch. I strongly recommend this one.

17. Deck the Halls (2006)- Steve’s new neighbour Danny surpasses his Christmas spirit by going all out with the decorating. He tries to make his home visible from space. This movie is a very festive one and never fails to get me in the Christmas spirit.

18. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)- This is a classic that we all know and love. The movie is about the Grinch’s efforts to destroy Christmas.

Christmas Comedies/Dramas- 

19. One Christmas Eve (2014)- This movie is about a serious of disastrous events that take place on Christmas Eve night, ruining Nell’s plans.

20. Tyler Perry’s a Madea’s Christmas (2013)- If you’re looking for a laugh then this is definitely the movie to watch. Madea and her niece Elieen travel to visit Elieen’s daughter Lacey. On this surprise trip, they discover the details about her life that she’s been hiding.

I hope this list is a helpful one and helps you decide which movies to look at first this Holiday season. What are your must-watch Christmas movies? Let me know in the comments.


15 thoughts on “20 must-watch Christmas movies

  1. Nostalgia creeping in. I remember as a kid my mom would make this big feast for xmas and I had the duty of choosing the feel good movie to go with the food. I’d like to believe that this is where my series binge was born. Ever since then my body automatically pairs food with something to watch. I’d be cooking in one hand and renting a movie in the other. How the grinch stole xmas is one of my favorites. Thanks for the list!

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