How I refresh my curls

While I love my curls, being a curly-haired girl does have its struggles. My curls typically look good for the first three or so days after wash day. But after that point, it tends to get fizzy and does not look good without a bit of help. I wash my hair once a week so from around day four to wash day, I usually have to refresh my curls before styling.

To do this, I add a few drops of conditioner, a bit of leave-in conditioner and water into a spray bottle. I spray this on my hair before styling on the days when my hair seems a bit dry and my curls are being unruly. Before trying this method I would use water (with nothing added) in the spray bottle but I found that this dried my hair out even more. The conditioner and leave in conditioner in this spray will help to add moisture back to your hair, and not to mention, will leave it feeling soft and smelling great.

This simple trick can be a lifesaver on mornings when my hair seems to need the most help.

After wetting my hair with the mixture, I style it with a bit of curl creme and a few drops of argan oil. It’s that simple.

What are your tricks for refreshing your curls? Be sure to let me know!


9 thoughts on “How I refresh my curls

    1. Curly hair can’t be washed often otherwise it will get too dry. It also takes longer for curly hair to get oily and ‘gross’ due to the spiraling of the curls 🙂


  1. When people don’t know they make stupid comments. I love your curls. Not matter what I do mine is forever a dry mess lol , I have more kink than curls tbh .They humidity is a killer . I mostly wear mine braided .

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