Climate change is real

For today, I had a festive, Christmasy post planned because well, ‘Tis the season right? However, after coming across some disturbing footage on Social media, I decided to scrap that plan and write this post instead.

This is the video that I came across. It brought tears to my eyes. Tears of sadness, disbelief and quite frankly, disgust. Shot by photographer Paul Nicklen, it shows a clearly underweight and starved polar bear searching for food. This is the direct result of Climate change. With the increasing temperatures and melting ice, the polar bears’ main source of food has become scarce and out of proximity.

Why is it that we, a species, can cause SO MUCH damage to the planet and other species, and not even care. The ice caps are melting, species are going extinct and no one seems to give a shit. “I’ll be gone long before we feel the real effects”. This is the kind of mentality that society has. Once it doesn’t directly affect us we shouldn’t care, right? WRONG. What about the other generations? What about the animals? What about our planet? There is no planet B for future generations to reside on.

A photo or video like this one will surface, people will be outraged for a few days…and then what? The hype dies down and we go back to living our care-free lives. I applaud the activists who actually care and who make a conscious effort to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Why can’t we all take an initiative? It’s as simple as recycling or going Vegan. There are so many little things that we can all do to help. As a community, as a society, as a species, we should be working together to slow down climate change. We have already caused so much damage. The least we can do is try to change the way we live.

“If humans disappeared today, the earth would start improving tomorrow. If all the ants disappeared today, the earth would start dying tomorrow.”

-David Suzuki

Think about that quote for a second. If humans were to disappear, the earth would thrive. Animals would live happy lives free from oppression, global warming would no longer be an issue and so many more positive factors. We cause more harm to this planet than ANY OTHER species. We drain planet Earth of her resources and simply do not care about the damage that we cause in the process.

The world we live in today is truly a sad one. It’s time we all wake up and realise that the roses are dying.


10 thoughts on “Climate change is real

  1. Isn’t this heartbreaking? It makes me so angry that people treat animals like they are disposable or just don’t even consider them! I look forward to reading some of your vegan posts so I can start to change my ways!

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  2. If you did not say it was a polar bear I would have never guessed . We have stripped this planet down and it is only a matter of time before it all turns on us . This is just so depressing . I wish people would make a conscious effort to change their ways .

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  3. Sooooo sad! And I’m soooooo MAD that there are so many climate deniers out there. Why can’t they see what’s right in front of them!? YIKES!

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  4. How random! I just wrote about being eco friendly and how we are directly impacting our plantet!. That picture hurt me beyond belief that such a beautiful and majestic animal is suffering because of us 😢. We all need to change the way we treat our planet and its inhabitants that were here long before us x

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