The struggles of being Vegan

Veganism has its struggles. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being Vegan and have never been happier, however, we do face difficulties from time to time. These struggles are not the typical ones that you may be expecting me to rant about (like going broke or falling ill due to a protein deficiency) but they are more associated with non-Vegans.

Not being understood

Being Vegan means that every time someone finds out that you live the lifestyle, you must answer a million and one questions. Although I don’t mind answering questions and I like the curiosity, some people question every detail of my beliefs and go a step further to criticise them and tell me that I’m wrong.

And although there are those who genuinely are interested in learning about the reasoning behind my lifestyle, there are others who would never take the time to be educated or to even consider that I may be ‘right’.

Being Stereotyped

We always have the urge to tell any and everyone that we are Vegan. As a matter of fact, I went outside this morning and shouted “Good morning world, I AM VEGAN!” at the top of my lungs. Not. 

This is a common stereotype that we have all seen on social media countless times. As a Vegan let me just make this PSA;

I do not want the world to know that I am Vegan.

I rather when persons do not know that I am Vegan

I know that I am not alone when I say that as a Vegan, my family and friends announce to people that I am Vegan more often than I do. I am typically introduced as the ‘Vegan girl’, which I do not mind, but just note that I am not the one who brought up the fact that I am Vegan.

End of rant

Concerned family

I tend not to stress about what I’ll eat when I eat out because I know that there’d be at least one Vegan item on the menu. I am perfectly content with eating a portion of fries if it comes to that. I do not fuss or complain or even mind it. However, my relatives would always be concerned. “Are you sure you’re okay with just fries?” “Won’t you still be hungry afterwards?” And while I find it touching that they are concerned, I hate knowing that they are always worrying or thinking about what I can and can’t eat (especially more than I do).

Despite these ‘struggles’, I couldn’t be happier with my lifestyle!


3 thoughts on “The struggles of being Vegan

  1. I definitely relate to this. I don’t want to be the preachy vegan or announce my status, but especially at work functions people just seem to have a million questions (why am I not eating birthday cake??). It’s all worth it though- thanks for sharing!

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  2. While I am not vegan, I have a few health issues and allergies that often times push me to eat as one. I will say that, I tend to feel embarrassed when people feel the need to announce my diet to others. Does everyone you meet need to know you’re vegan?? Probably not. Nor do they need to know what I eat lol I am also with you on the family. I try my hardest not to get frustrated when they constantly question what I am eating and if I’m ok with it. The struggle is real but, you are not alone ☺️

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