Tips for going Vegan

Here on the blog, I’ve covered why I went Vegan, the struggles of being Vegan and today, tips. Whether you’ve recently gone Vegan or was just exposed to the idea and are interested in making the change, this post is for you. Everyone is different and transitions differently, but these are the tips that i’ve come up with based on what I learnt while making the change.

1. Become educated

So you’ve probably looked at documentaries like Earthlings, Cowspiracy and What the Health (if you haven’t already, you should give them a watch). Now you’re interested in going Vegan. First, you need to educate yourself. You need to do research about what you can and can’t eat as a Vegan. You also need to ensure that you are eating the right foods, in sufficient amounts.

2. Transition at your own pace

Everyone transitions differently. Whether you go Vegan overnight or you take a few months to do it, you’re still a Vegan at the end of the day. I was Vegetarian for a year and a half before going Vegan. So take your time and do it as slowly as you need to. Don’t feel pressured to transition all at once.

3. Don’t experiment in the kitchen

When you first go Vegan, you may be clueless about what to cook. I know I was. My biggest tip to you is to cook what you usually cook, substituting the non-Vegan ingredients for Vegan ones. This is the easiest way to transition. After a few weeks, Pinterest became a lifesaver. I followed countless Vegan boards and spent all my free time looking for new recipes to try. But until you get used to it, I suggest sticking to what you know.

4. Don’t be afraid

It may be nerve wrecking at first. Going into a whole new lifestyle and probably not knowing any other Vegans, can be scary. I went through it. I found myself subscribing to Vegan Youtubers who I could relate to. I found solace in those who understood me and my beliefs. Also, make Vegan friends whether it’s online or in person. Vegan twitter is a great place to start and you should join facebook groups. If you’re from Trinidad, this is a great one.

Best of luck to you on your Vegan journey 🙂 My inbox is always open if you need a Vegan buddy!


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