Supporting local: Immortelle Beauty

The word ‘Immortelle’ has so much depth and meaning to it. While literally meaning everlasting, it is also the name of a beautiful West Indian tree. What name could be more fitting for a brand that produces both nourishing and enriching products? Founded by Kathryn Nurse, a trained cosmetic chemist, the brand offers a wide variety of home fragrances and skincare products, all made right here in Trinidad. With an eye for detail, cosmetics have always been a passion of hers. She launched Immortelle Beauty in 2011 and since then has been working tirelessly to establish her brand name. Immortelle Beauty is aimed at “bringing the concept of affordable local luxury to the Caribbean”. Here are some of the products offered by Immortelle Beauty:

  • Sheer moisture lotions
  • Shower gels
  • Sheer moisture spray oils
  • Rich moisture body butters
  • Exfoliating body polishes
  • Scented candles
  • Foot soaks
  • Foot exfoliators
  • Foot creams

I started incorporating the exfoliating body polish and rich moisture body butter into my skincare routine and instantly fell in love! Unlike other exfoliators and scrubs on the market, Immortelle Beauty’s does not leave your skin feeling excessively oily. However, it still gives your skin that perfect glow and soft touch. In the past, I’ve also found that other exfoliators only leave my skin feeling soft for a day or two, but that isn’t a problem I’ve had with this one. It leaves my skin feeling soft for much longer! I give it a solid 10/10. It also comes in different scents. And let me just say, the Pomelo + Coco Crème scent is TO DIE FOR.

The exfoliating polish paired with the body butter is a match made in heaven.  I like to use it on drier areas of my body such as my elbows on a daily basis, and all over my body right after I use the scrub. It’s definitely a rich moisturiser and keeps your skin looking healthy.

Immortelle Beauty offers inexpensive, good quality products and best of all, it’s all locally produced. I can’t wait to try more of their products! Be sure to check out their online store here.

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