A Vegan’s opinion on Februdairy

After an extremely successful Veganuary (the most successful yet), the dairy industry is shaking in its boots. According to the  U.S. Department of Agriculture, almond milk sales ALONE increased by a staggering 250% over the last few years while dairy sales have plummeted by 37%!  Not too long ago at a conference in Glasgow, livestock sustainability consultant Dr Judith Capper affirmed that the dairy industry may, in fact, cease to exist within the next five to ten years. This is of course due to the growing interest in Vegan alternatives.  With sales plummeting and in response to Veganuary, the dairy industry has come up with ‘Februdairy’. They claim that within the month of February they will be debunking the false claims made by the Vegan community and shed light on the truths behind dairy. Let me just say; this goes to show that Veganism is making waves.

Let me begin by saying that Vegans are in this for the animals. We are AGAINST animal cruelty and exploitation. Making false accusations about the industry would not benefit us in any way. Unlike those in the dairy industry, we have no ulterior motive. We are not driven by a desire for profit. We simply speak for the voiceless by educating the public on what happens behind the closed doors of dairy farms and slaughterhouses.

The ads that you see on t.v are by no means accurate. There are no happy cows, grazing in large open fields. This is simply not the reality of it. Most dairy cows will never see sunlight. They are kept in small spaces and sometimes barely given enough room to even walk. But of course, if the dairy industry painted this picture and showed these harsh realities in their advertisements, they wouldn’t be making any profit now would they?Female cows are raped in what the industry calls a ‘rape rack’. Once she gives birth to her calf, it is taken away from her within a matter of hours. The WORST, most horrendous screams and cries I’ve ever heard have come from mother cows as they chase after their calfs. If the calf is female, she will become a dairy cow just like her mother. If it’s a male, he will be slaughtered for veal as he is of no use to the dairy industry. And so the cycle continues. These cows are raped time after time so we can have pus, blood and hormone filled milk with our cereal and in our coffee. We are THE ONLY species that drinks the milk of another species. There are countless plant-based milks on the market today which are better for your health, the environment and the animals. So why do we continue to support rape, kidnap and murder? By supporting this industry, we are killing not only the cows but also ourselves and the planet (read about the negative health and environmental effects here). When their milk production begins to dwindle, they are sent to the slaughterhouse where they usually take a bolt gun to the head or have their throats slit while fully conscious.

The following is a conversation between two dairy farmers via Facebook. They show no compassion whatsoever and this lack of compassion and concern is seen industy-wide.


The dairy industry is the cruelest and most inhumane of them all. Join the Vegan movement and stop supporting this horrendous industry today.


2 thoughts on “A Vegan’s opinion on Februdairy

  1. Yay almond milk!!! The growth hormones in dairy milk alone should be enough to cause question and concern. Just like buying treated produce over organic.

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