I’m back!

Hey hey hey, fancy seeing you here. I know, it’s been a while since I’ve whipped out my laptop and published something on here. But…I’m back! Let’s catch up, shall we?


I got my navel pierced. This is something that I wanted to do for the longest time and I finally decided to just get it over with. I’m completely in love with it and it didn’t hurt one bit, which was quite shocking to be honest.

I finally got back into yoga after being off the mat for quite a while. I honestly forgot how much I love doing yoga and how relaxing it really is. I’m so glad that I’ve made if part of my daily (well…almost daily) routine once again.

I graduated high school! This was exciting but yet sad for me. It marked the end of an era but hey, I’m all for new beginnings. The adventure that is University awaits.


This was less eventful of a month. May meant the start of exams which expectedly, was not the most fun of times.

Fast forward a few weeks, I renamed my blog and changed my URL, all in an effort to get a fresh start. I felt as though I had lost the passion I had during my time away. As discussed by the lovely Laura Jane, I simply fell out of love with blogging.

Here I am, writing this post in an effort to get back into it. No post schedule, no restrictions and limitations, just simply what I want to talk about.

This was just a quick post to say hi and to reintroduce my blog. If you haven’t already, feel free to follow my blog, and subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated.

Until next time,


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