How I get big, voluminous hair…without the frizz

Why hello there, I’m back with another post. Today’s topic of conversation is volume. If you’re a curly-girl like I am, then volume is more likely than not something that you desire. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ‘neat’, sleek look but there’s just something about big, bouncy, voluminous curls that screams out to me. Sadly, my hair does not have much volume naturally and therefore I have to create it. If not done right, this process often leads to voluminous yes, but also fizzy hair and somewhere along the lines, your hair may also lose some of that beautiful curliness. Since cutting my hair, I’ve been all about the volume and I’ve come up with a few sure ways to help achieve a beautiful, voluminous look.

Not all frizz is bad frizz

Often times we frown upon frizz and use a million and one ‘frizz preventing’ products in our hair. But I actually like a bit of frizz. It adds to the volume and gives my hair that ‘fro’ look that I desire. In order to prevent your hair from becoming too frizzy, you should ensure that your hair is moist, however, I see nothing wrong with a bit of frizz here and there.

Now the part you’ve all been waiting for. Behold:

7 easy tips for (almost) frizz free volume


1) Make use of the inverted technique-This is simply the process of flipping your head over while washing your hair and while applying product. Not only does this allow for a better distribution of product but it also contributes to much-desired volume. I typically combine this technique with scrunching (squeezing the hair in an upward motion) for the best results.

2) Ensure even product distribution-

In addition to using the inversion technique, using methods like the raking method (passing your fingers through your hair in a downward motion) can help ensure that product is evenly distributed. If product is unevenly distributed, hair strands that do not get any product may become frizzy.

3) Use a frizz preventing hairspray-

Using such a product in addition to the typical oil and leave-in means that there will be better hold and less chance of frizz. Since I’ve started using hairspray regularly in my hair, I find that my hair stays defined and voluminous throughout the course of the day as opposed to flopping after a few hours. In order to prevent stiffness, I like to shake my hair by simply moving my head around (the less you touch your hair, the less frizz you will have) and of course, this also adds to the volume.

4) End washes with cold water- 

While washing my hair I typically like to use warm water to help open up the cuticles and allow for the most moisture absorption possible, however, warm water may also lead to frizz. To prevent this, I end my showers with cold/cool water as it closes the cuticles, thereby preventing (or at least minimising) frizz.

5) Air dry-

The friction caused by towels can cause frizz. You can use a microfiber towel to prevent this but to make life easy, I simply squeeze the excess water out of my hair before leaving the shower and I allow it to air dry from there. Blow drying can also cause curly hair to frizz. A suitable alternative would be to use a diffuser.

6) Less is more- 

Using lightweight products can help with volume as heavy products tend to way curls down. I like to use a light leave in condition and oils. Also, try to avoid packing products. Try to find 1-3 products that give you the desired results to avoid using a million and one products at once.

7) Avoid picking when wet-

If you’re anything like me then your afro pick is your best friend. This is a sure way to get big, frizz-free hair, but only when done right. This MUST be done on dry hair. If you attempt to pick wet hair, it will disrupt the curl formation and cause frizz once the curls have dried.

Those are all of my tips for big, voluminous hair.

Until next time,


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