Guest post: my cruelty-free & Vegan haircare routine

To all those reading this post, hi! My name is Mahalakshmi, and I run my blog at I am a vegan blogger who writes entertaining beauty and lifestyle content (umm, bragging much). Today, I want to write about my very minimal and simple vegan haircare routine, comprising of no more than 4 regular products.

Ever since I made the switch to veganism a few months back, I’ve been trying my best to incorporate cruelty-free and vegan products in my beauty routine. I do write a lot about makeup products on my blog, but never talk much about my pared-down haircare routine.

I want to state three things beforehand about my approach to my hair:

  • I don’t oil my hair before showering, because my strands detest it. It becomes a frizzier mess than it can usually be.
  • I wash my hair once every four days, and it is no longer than 10 minutes. Quick and easy is my mantra in the shower.
  • I believe that I don’t need a million products to slather on my hair. I prefer keeping it very uncomplicated and bare-boned, because I can be very lazy with my haircare.

That sounded like I was making a legal statement to the haircare police or something. -_- Also, please don’t take a shot every time I say haircare. You may be drunk even before you get halfway through.

Alright, let’s move past my awkward attempt at making a joke and take a look at my haircare routine.

featured image.jpg

Shampoo & Conditioner:


I use Love Beauty And Planet Smooth & Serene shampoo and conditioner, which is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. This is the argan oil and lavender fragrance, which leaves my hair smelling like a spring flower field. Before this shampoo and conditioner, I was using John Frieda’s Frizz Ease set which worked well enough on my hair. But after switching to a vegan lifestyle, I did my research and found out that keratin, honey and collagen products are not vegan-friendly. Since many affordable shampoo and conditioner brands at the supermarket are not suitable for my vegan lifestyle, I had slim  pickings.

But ever since I a glossy magazine’s pages advertising about this vegan hair wash set, I was sold and purchased it in a few days. The package is made from 100% recycled materials and is also recyclable.


The shampoo lathers well, cleanses my scalp and hair for zero dirt residue and smells good without being strong. The conditioner is creamy and hydrating, without making my hair heavy and limp. The products have lasted surprisingly long on my shelf, as I still have about a quarter more of the quantity left despite months of usage. It is a good bang for the buck, since they carry 13.5 fl. Oz. of product for under $7 each. I would say this is a good vegan hair wash set to begin with, but I want to explore other options within the brand and outside too.

Hair Mask:


I don’t use coconut oil or any other plant-based oils to deep condition my hair before I shampoo it. It just isn’t suitable for my hair, and makes me look like this-

monica friends.jpg

Source- Pinterest

But I colored my hair at home like an idiot, and damaged my somewhat reasonable strands into a tinted, frizzy mess. To make amends, I decided a while back that I need to use a hair mask and make them obey me. Yes, I said obey and I sounded like I was commanding my hair to fight a battle. But I’m a smartass with the smart taken out of the equation, and this is how I roll. *facepalm*

Like any rational person prone to impulses (what even), I went on Amazon to look for a vegan hair mask that will fix my hair and change me into Cinderella. I repeat, Universe, not a hay-haired pumpkin but CIN-DER-ELLA. I found many options to choose from, but it was this particular vegan hair mask that won me over. I clicked ‘Buy With One-Click’, and somewhere in his office, my husband’s wallet cried deeply.

Now, this ecoLove hair mask costed me around $18 and that sounds like a steep price to any money-minded person. Trust me, I also fall under that league and wondered if it was worth the splurge. Once I received and used it for the first time, I knew one thing for sure- this is an Oscar winner of hair masks.

I have no cons to say for this product, because even the heftier price point is worth investing in. So let me tell you the glowing pros of ecoLove’s vegan hair mask:

  • Perfect for colored and very dry hair as advertised, because it literally works perfectly in giving my hair a ton of hydration. I leave it on for 2-3 minutes as stated in the place of conditioner, and it leaves my hair feeling smooth, detangled and soft. I use it once a week and I find it more than enough to work its magic on my colored, frizz-prone hair.
  • It is organic, cruelty-free, vegan and has recyclable package. It is also free of SLS, parabens and petrochemicals.
  • Made with all-natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, aloe vera, blueberry, grape and lavender extracts, dead sea water and shea butter. It smells very pleasant and isn’t overpowering in fragrance.
  • The product quantity of 11.8 fl. Oz. is huge for the price, and it will definitely last me a few months.
  • It has mostly five-star reviews on Amazon, which I stand behind because it deserves a full five.

Hair Brush:


“Sistah, are you for real?” is a valid question you may ask me about why a hair brush is included here. But I do count it as a haircare product because I truly enjoy using it.

The hair brush I’ve been using is Conair’s detangling brush for wet and dry hair, which comes at a cheap $4 price tag at Walmart. Conair is listed as cruelty-free on PETA’s brand list, and my credit card couldn’t be happier than this.

I don’t really have much to say about this product because it is a hair brush after all. But it has helped my wavy hair through mornings after washing my hair, when my hair is a bird’s nest. It detangles neatly and smooths out any kinks formed, keeps my hair brushed into place and is easy to clean after use. Did I also tell you that it is about only 4 bucks at Walmart for a full-size brush? Since it works on both wet and dry hair, I don’t feel the need to carry my comb around when I travel. I am a lazy girl after all, and this cheap cruelty-free hair brush is my best bet.

(Hair styling) Heat Protectant:


I don’t straighten my hair often, but it felt fair to include the heat mist I use before styling it. I received Yarok’s Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner in a Petit Vour subscription box three months back, and it has become my go-to hair styling product.

It smells very herbal, which can be off putting when you first use it. It also says that it is a leave-in conditioner, which can be confusing on why I use it as a heat styling product. But the product actually says that it can be used to protect from heat and add shine, to brow dry and style, detangle and even add volume to the hair.

I spray it onto my dry hair before styling and carefully comb through my hair with my fingers. After a few seconds, I start straightening it and it always works well. My cousin used this Yarok product in India’s humidity and came out with shiny, straight locks that held up for more than a day! I have found that it has a good hold on keeping my hair straighter for longer hours, adds shine and doesn’t dry my hair out despite the heated styling.

It is all natural, vegan, free of gluten, alcohol, paraben, sulfates and cruelty.  I have the 2 oz travel size which costs $14 at Petit Vour, and the full 8 oz costs $27 at Amazon & Petit Vour.

As you can see, my hair care products are cost effective in the longer run and work well for the quintessential ‘lazy girl’ routine. Choosing cruelty-free and vegan products have shown me that I can have it all- better hair and a better environment.

If you like what you’ve read so far and would like to know what else I bring to life in words, drop in at! I promise that I won’t spam you with crap and pushy posts. 😊

Hope you all enjoyed this guest post. Be sure to check out my post over on her blog!

Until next time,






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