Christmas shopping on a budget

It’s that time of year yet again. The days are shorter and the (Christmas) trees are coming out, and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. Is it just me or has Christmas just snuck up on us this year? 2019 is practically right around the corner. That’s crazy!

With the arrival of the Christmas season comes countless shopping days and trips to the malls. It’s SO incredibly easy to go over budget when shopping so I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Give personalised gifts

Now I myself am a sucker for a personalised gift. If thoughtfulness and effort are put into a gift, I will automatically love it. This could be done in the form of a handmade item, or even a gift basket consisting of small gifts that you know someone will love. You’re certain to save money AND you know that it’s something that the person will use.

Compare deals

When shopping, you can compare the prices of items in different stores or on different websites in order to find the best deals. However, this tends to get a bit tedious. What if I told you that there’s a website that could offer you amazing deals from various stores all in one place. This website offers a variety of deals in all different categories. My favourite category is beauty. I LOVE getting good deals on makeup. Click here to check out these AMAZING deals.

Make a list (or a few)

I am generally an organisation freak. We’re talking lists galore. But when it comes to Christmas shopping, lists can be extra helpful. Creating a checklist, only including the items which you intend on purchasing for each person will help you stay on track…once you stick to it of course.

Set a budget for each item

In addition to making a list, you can also set a budget for each person and/or item that you intend on purchasing. This bit of detail makes for a more smooth shopping trip and of course, reduces your chances of going over budget.

Remember that Christmas is about giving

When Christmas shopping, it can be so easy to pick up and extra one of each the item to keep for yourself. I am always guilty of this. If I’m buying a makeup palette for a friend, I may just want to get one of those palettes for myself too. Which indefinitely throws me off budget. It’s so important to stick to the list and only purchase for others.

Buy decor during after-Christmas sales

This isn’t a tip that you can utilise for this year’s Christmas shopping. HOWEVER, it can help you save money when it comes to shopping next holiday season. After Christmas, there’s usually a huge sale on decor items and this is the BEST time to stock up on decorations for the following year. If you have a bit of wiggle room I strongly recommend allocating a bit cash towards the post-Christmas sales.

That brings us to the end of this post. Hope you found these tips useful. Stay tuned for more Christmas themed posts.

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