Christmas as a vegan 101

So it’s the Holidays and I’m sure you’re schedule is booked. Get togethers and holiday parties galore. Am I right? I don’t know about you, but when I know that I have to attend an event of any sorts, my mind immediately starts racing. “I wonder if there will be any Vegan options”. “Maybe I should eat before I leave home”. 

Now let’s be real. Holiday events hosted and attended by persons who may not be Vegan mean that your options will more than likely be limited. But that’s okay. Because there are some simple steps you could take to ensure that you don’t go hungry. 

Inform the host of your dietary restrictions 

Now this one may seem a bit obvious. HOWEVER it can sometimes be intimidating to have to disclose your ‘lifestyle requirements’. If you’re Vegan then more likely than not, you don’t have allergies and you’re in it for other reasons. And persons on the ‘outside’ tend to find your choices ‘extreme’ and ‘unnecessary’. So of course, sometimes it may be a bit scary to have to disclose this information to someone as you may be unaware of how they’d react. 

In addition to this, if the host is someone you’re familiar with, you may want to just give a gentle reminder that you are in fact Vegan and refrain from eating certain foods. In the rush of the season it’s easy for things to be overlooked and including meat-free or dairy-free items may not be a priority for hosts (until otherwise reminded). 

Carry a dish or dishes of your own

Now as a guest you may already be carrying a dish to any dinner parties or gatherings that you plan on attending. But as a Vegan, this is extra important. Carrying your own dish means that you automatically have a Vegan choice when eating. You can reach out to the host and find a main dish that may be needed. And of course, Veganise it. This means that you’ll have a main dish available to you and there will probably be veggies and coincidentally other Vegan side dishes that you can pair with it. AND this will give non-Vegans an opportunity to try great Vegan food which may (fingers crossed) change their mindset about Veganism. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

It’s so important to be informed when eating at gatherings. Be sure to ask as many questions as you need to in order to be informed about what dishes you can and can’t eat. 

So now that we have the meal aspect of the Holidays covered, what about other bumps in the road?

Put your emotions aside

We all dread those inquisitive questions at gatherings. You know, the typical “But why?” or “Is that even healthy?”. It’s important to stay grounded and not get over emotional. Maybe have some stats in mind so you can keep things factual and avoid getting over-emotional. 

Be the spokesperson for eating Vegan during the holidays

It’s a common misconception that being Vegan is hard and that it gets even harder during this time of year. And while yes, it does have it’s challenges. It’s totally possible to enjoy amazing Vegan meals during this season. And you are the spokesperson. You are the proof that it’s not impossible. You enjoying a great meal with others will show them that there are in fact options and that you can still enjoy the food aspect of the holidays as a Vegan. Prove them wrong! 

Don’t stress

If you aren’t sure if there will be enough options for you, just simply eat before attending the event. This will ensure that you don’t go hungry and maybe you can just snack on any Vegan options upon arrival. 

Those are my tips! Happy Holidays my Vegan buds.

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