My go-to editing apps

It’s day 4 of Blogmas and as I said on the first day of Blogmas, I’m switching things up a bit. So today’s post is not Christmas related. Nevertheless, I hope it’s a good read.

As a blogger, I’m constantly on the hunt for new apps to help improve the quality of the content that I produce. Whether that be for Instagram or here on the blog. Over the years I’ve tried out hundreds (probably not an exaggeration) but only a few have become permanent assets in my phone. 

The apps I use:

Instagram Analyzer 

This app isn’t necessarily for editing but it’s a staple. I use this app to keep track of statistics and followers. It gives a bit more information than the analytics on Instagram when it comes to followers so I like to keep it around. Most of these Instagram statistic apps offer similar features but this has been my favourite thus far.

Facetune 2 

This way my go-to editing app for a while. It’s perfect for editing backgrounds (the whitening feature is a lifesaver for flatlays) and removing little details that you may not want in your pictures. 


This app allows you to create images like the one below. It’s ideal for promoting your content on Instagram stories and I couldn’t be happier that I discovered this app. (P.S. they updated the app and the icon is now red but I wrote this post before said update)

Hype text

Similarly to Unfold, this app allows you to create videos that are again, perfect for promoting content. It offers a bunch of features and different options.


This is probably my favorite app of all. I guess I saved the best for last. This is the ideal editing app. It offers a variety of filters and allows you to save presets. This is perfect for someone who likes a cohesive Instagram feed. In addition to editing, it allows you to place your edited pictures in a grid and drag them around to find the perfect order. You can schedule reminders and publish your photos to Instagram, straight from the grid. Can you tell that I’m obsessed with this app? If I could only use one editing app for the rest of my life, it would be this one. 

What are your go-to editing apps? I’d love to try some of them out

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