A gift guide for the budding environmentalist

So you’re shopping for an environmentally conscious person and you want to get them something that they’ll utilize and enjoy. Or maybe you yourself are an environmentalist of some sorts and want to give environmentally friendly gifts that people will still love. This guide is for you. 

Similarly to the last gift guide I published, I’ve linked all of these items from Amazon but of course, there are different stores that carry these products.

1. A book about the environment

Someone who is interested in Climate Change and the environment is always on the hunt for new facts, statistics and information on the whole. A book is a great way to provide said person with that information. And I can guarantee that they will enjoy it.

Photo: Jeffrey Bennett

2. Metal straws

Metal (and bamboo) straws are in and one could NEVER have too many. These straw sets offer different sizes, as well as cleaning tools and some even come with a pouch, making it easy to take the straws with you anywhere. They are so practical and a great gift for someone who has been working on reducing the number of straws they use. 

Photo: Antonki

3. A picnic basket

Chances are, any budding environmentalist loves to spend time in nature. And what better way to do so than having picnics? This gift is so practical yet stylish and let’s just say, if I received this gift, I’d be over the moon.

Photo: HappyPicnic

4. A collapsible cup

This cup is perfect for on the go and can be used for anything from coffee to water. Perfect for the person who is trying to avoid using plastic when out. 

Photo: Glike

5. Bamboo utensils

Similarly to the straws, utensils are a practical gift that you can never have enough of. These are the perfect alternative to plastic disposable ones.

Photo: PataBee

6. Compost bin

This gift may not be for everyone but if you know that someone has an interest in or a growing desire to compost then this is perfect! It’s small and can be used right in the kitchen as opposed to outdoors. 

Photo; OXO

7. A glass bottle

Glass bottles are classy and just about anyone will appreciate one. Someone who makes a conscious effort to stay away from single-use bottles will love this as you could never have too many options. 


8. A steeper

This is perfect for someone who may be looking to ditch the tea bags and be a bit more environmentally friendly. This gift can also be paired with loose teas!

Photo: Teabox

And that’s it for this gift guide!

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