Christmas movies I’ve been loving

Now usually I start binge-watching Christmas movies in late October or early November. But this year, I’ve been so busy and just haven’t had the time to start binging. I didn’t start watching them until recently so boy have I got some catching up to do. But don’t you worry. I WILL watch all of my faves before the season is over.  Now before we jump into things, let me just say, I’m a sucker for cheesy Hallmark and Netflix movies. The cheesier the plot the better. Here are the movies I’ve been loving this Holiday season (The movies below are listed in no particular order). 

A Christmas Prince (2017)

I watched this when it first came out last year and again this year and I LOVED it both times. Great plot, pretty good acting and it certainly got me in the Christmas mood. 

A  Christmas Prince- the Royal Wedding (2018)

When I saw this trailer on Netflix I was over the moon. i loved the first one and couldn’t be more excited about a sequel. And I was not disappointed. Excluding the fact that they replaced one of the original cast members, I was pretty happy about it. I loved where they took the plot and I’ll probably be watching it again before the season is over.

The Holiday Calendar (2018)

Similarly to A Christmas Prince, I was so excited to watch it. Now as I said earlier, I’m a sucker for cheesy movies. And this was the epitome of cheesy. But of course, I loved every moment of it. 

Christmas Wedding Planner (2017)

When I first saw this movie, I immediately knew that I HAD to watch it. First of all, I love Christmas and second of all, Wedding planning. So what better movie for to watch? Overall, I loved the plot and I related to one of the characters which is always a bonus. Definitely will be re-watching. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Now this one is a classic and one of my absolute favourites. It ones of those just I just need to watch every single year. I don’t need to say much about this one because well…you know it’s a great one.

Elf (2003)

Another classic and another favourite. This is one of the first movies that I watch every Christmas season and I never get sick of it. The plot, the soundtrack. Just everything about it. What isn’t there to love? 

The Spirit of Christmas (2015)

A MUST WATCH. This has easily become one of my favourites over the years. The acting is great, the plot isn’t too cheesy and the guy in it is HOT. What more could we ask for? Am I right?

That’s all for today’s post but fear not, I’ll be posting a part two very soon.

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