Supporting local: MRose Chateau


MRose Chateau is a beautiful, luxurious home decor shop located in Cattleya Hotel. Founded by Terriann Humphrey and her life partner, this business offers decor that is to die for. Walking into MRose Chateau was like walking straight into a Pinterest board. I didn’t know where to start.

MRose Chateau

The name MRose Chateau was born out of Terriann’s love for the name Rose. The M- representing ‘Mauritza’, her middle name. And Chateau is French for home/castle. In essence MRose Chateau is the home of all things beautiful.

Terriann’s story really spoke to me. Just like me, she has a love for interior design and of course, shopping. She started off by decorating spaces for her friends and family. This evolved into small sip and shop events held at her home. And today, she owns and runs a successful home decor store.

What sets them apart from other decor stores?

MRose Chateau offers unique, luxury items at affordable prices. And let me tell you, luxury decor can be soooo expensive. My first thoughts upon approaching the store were…wow. The decor spills outside. A beautifully decorated and certainly welcoming entrance. You can’t miss it.

Customer service is also of grave importance. They aim to exceed expectations and they’re surely successful when it comes to this. Upon entering the store, I was greeted and offered coffee and tea. First impressions, 10/10. And the experience got even better. The eye for detail is impeccable. From complimentary gift wrapping to a gift with purchase, Terriann has definitely thought of it all.

What do they offer?

I know. I’ve been going on and on about this incredible decor that’s straight out of Pinterest. I know you are ready to see what I’ve been raving about. Here’s a little sneak peek into what you can expect to see at MRose Chateau.


MRose Chateau has a beautiful selection of art available for purchase.

Jewelry + bath and body

If I could describe the jewelry for sale in one word, it would be unique. I’m a sucker for beautiful statement pieces. And of course, who doesn’t love bath and skincare products. That’s something that you could never have too much of.


I’m always on the hunt for cute journals and notepads and I wanted to purchase EVERY SINGLE ONE.


It may just be one rack but trust me when I say, every item is beautiful.

So we’ve got the Stationery, the clothing, the accessories, the body products and of course, the artwork. Now let’s talk furniture.


I adore everything in this store. From the decor itself to the way it’s all on display. It really allows you to picture every item in your own living space at home.

Be sure to check them out on Instagram and head over to their Facebook to see more.

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