Happy birthday to me

Happy Friday and happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. Today also happens to be my birthday. I was completely clueless as to what I wanted this post to be about. The cliche ‘19 things I learnt in 19 years‘ post crossed my mind but what 19 things have I learnt??? Fast forward to the day before my birthday (current day as I’m writing this).

I woke up and had a busy day ahead. Little did I know that one little incident would ruin the day. I got up, washed my car, commenced (hair) wash day and left the house to run some errands. Shortly after which, I got into an accident. Not a bad accident, no injuries and minimal damage. But I was shaken up. I’d never been in one before, driving or not. Then of course, I had to go through the whole process with the police and the other driver and then I sat in my car and cried. A lot.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m an extremely emotional person. It was not easy for me to hold it in for as long as I did.

I’m getting to the point. I promise.

Anyways, the day was basically ruined. I cancelled my waxing and nail appointment and let me tell you. Scared to drive home was an understatement. But lucky for me, I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing guy in my life who stayed on the phone with me the entire drive home and did his best to cheer me up. If you’re reading this (lowkey hope you aren’t because this is kinda sappy), I care about you soooo much and I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate you and everything you do. And YOU’RE the best.

The same goes for my family and friends. I have such amazing, supportive people in my life and that includes you! I don’t come on here and thank you guys often enough so I wanted to do that today.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the continuous support and love not just on my blog but in my personal life as well.

I’ve met so many amazing individuals through blogging and I’m forever grateful for that.

It’s been a few hours since I first started writing this post and the day is starting to turn around for the better. I’ve stopped crying (kinda) and I’m about to paint my own nails because well, I missed my appointment earlier.

19 on the 19th (2019)

Now as of the last few years I haven’t really been a big fan of my birthday. This year however. Is my year to shine. It’s my golden. 19 on the 19th and it just so happens (not really because I was born in 2000) to be the year 2019. All in all, I plan to make this next year of my life my bitch. And for once, I’m kinda excited. It’s a big year.

I know that this post was all over the place but I’m going to wrap this ramble up now. Once again:

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Until next time,


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