Quarantine birthday: yay or nay?

In true Mikayla Cherise fashion I started writing this post a couple months ago as I anticipated the big 20. The post however, had to be altered when I realized that I’d be spending my birthday in self-isolation. Not the most ideal of circumstances but such is life. I did however try to make the most of the day and I thought I’d share some quarantine birthday celebration ideas with those of you who may be celebrating or quarantined with someone who is.

Order/bake a cake

You can spend some time baking a cake or a yummy batch of cupcakes if you can’t have any delivered to you. This could be a fun activity to do the evening before the big day. I ordered these stunning vegan cupcakes and bought a pack of candles the week before when I was out grocery shopping (Yes. I’d been planning this way ahead of time).

Have brunch

What’s better than a birthday breakfast? A birthday brunch! I didn’t do brunch for my birthday but I did do one the week before out of complete boredom and it was a great way to spice things up in quarantine. Do your makeup, put a cute outfit on and have a mini photo-shoot! Followed by mimosas and food of course.

Play a board game

Get your family involved or hop on Houseparty with your friends. Whether you play games in real life or virtually, you’re bound to have a good time.

Photo by Joshua Miranda on Pexels.com

Pamper yourself

I feel as though self-care is the name of the game lately and we should definitely be treating ourselves often. Put a face mask on, pour a glass of your favorite wine (feel free to fill the glass) and grab a book or put a podcast on.

Have a solo dance party

Maybe you feel the need to turn the volume up and have a solo dance party in front of your mirror. No judgement here.

Have a movie night

Now although every night is basically a movie night in quarantine, why not make this one a bit more special. Grab all your favorite snacks, put on a comfy outfit and watch a movie you’ve been dying to watch/re-watch.


I always like to end my birthday by looking back on the past year and setting goals for the upcoming year. Quarantine or not, this is a great practice.

All in all, even though this wasn’t the birthday I imagined, and I’ll definitely be celebrating once we can go outside again, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be given the circumstances.

Have you celebrated a birthday in quarantine? What was it like?

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