An anxious mess at 3:27 am

As the title states, it’s currently 3:27 am and I am indeed a MESS. I’ve been hanging on by a thread these last couple of months but I refuse to let go. I’ve decided that I want to keep fighting, now more than ever before. There’s no structure to this post (much like my life at the moment) but we’re rolling with it. Is this my new journal? Will I use this platform to document my mental health journey? Only time will tell.

I feel as though I’m on this never ending, super bumpy roller coaster and I’m 12 seconds away from throwing myself out of the moving cart. Too much?? Okay okay. Let’s dial it down a bit.

I. Am. Overwhelmed. From the medication switches to the monthly therapy sessions to the endless war in my head that is mental illness. I am truly and utterly EXHAUSTED. A part of me knows however that this is where I’m meant to be. I don’t know the person I’d be without my anxiety and OCD tendencies but I sure as hell know that these factors have made me 10 times stronger and more resilient. So we push forward.

In three hours from now the sun will rise once again, signaling the start of yet another day. A day that I am determined to make great. See you on the flip side!

Until next time,


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