My go-to editing apps

It's day 4 of Blogmas and as I said on the first day of Blogmas, I'm switching things up a bit. So today's post is not Christmas related. Nevertheless, I hope it's a good read. As a blogger, I'm constantly on the hunt for new apps to help improve the quality of the content that … Continue reading My go-to editing apps

Christmas as a vegan 101

So it's the Holidays and I'm sure you're schedule is booked. Get togethers and holiday parties galore. Am I right? I don't know about you, but when I know that I have to attend an event of any sorts, my mind immediately starts racing. "I wonder if there will be any Vegan options". "Maybe I … Continue reading Christmas as a vegan 101

Secret Santa gift guide on a budget

Happy Sunday! So if you couldn't already tell, this year we're on a budget. Hence why these Christmas related posts are all budget friendly. I meannnn, who doesn't love a good budget-friendly gift guide right? We've all taken part in Secret Santa or angel and earthling or some sort of gift exchange at one point … Continue reading Secret Santa gift guide on a budget

On the first day of Blogmas

On the first day of Blogmas Mikayla Cherise gave to me, a brief update post? We'll work on that.  Happy December! The last few months have been flying by. It feels as though I blinked and suddenly, we're in December!  Not only is it a new month, but It's also the start of Blogmas. What … Continue reading On the first day of Blogmas

Help! I’m addicted to social media

So this morning I woke up and the first thing I did was roll over and pick up my phone. I then proceeded to scroll through social media and refresh my inbox and before I knew it, over an hour had gone by. And then it hit me. I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm … Continue reading Help! I’m addicted to social media

Supporting local: Tropshop

Happy Sunday loves! New week, new 'Supporting local' post? Sounds about right. This week I want to introduce you all to TROPSHOP. In late 2016, Amy, a local entrepreneur founded a company that would go on to produce handmade, small batch, mostly Vegan products that come ready to use in mostly eco-friendly packaging (we stan a … Continue reading Supporting local: Tropshop

Christmas shopping on a budget

It's that time of year yet again. The days are shorter and the (Christmas) trees are coming out, and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. Is it just me or has Christmas just snuck up on us this year? 2019 is practically right around the corner. That's crazy! With the arrival of the Christmas season comes countless … Continue reading Christmas shopping on a budget

Supporting local: All Book’d Up

ABOUT ALL BOOK'D UPThe desire to fuse a love for local crafters' markets and all things book related is what sparked an idea. An idea that would create an ideal job where "waking up wasn't a chore and work didn't feel like 'work' ". With the aspiration of creating a product that would be a reflection … Continue reading Supporting local: All Book’d Up

Living my best Instagram life

I recently (okay maybe a few months ago...I'm a little behind on things as you can see) asked my followers on Instagram to tell me what they wanted to read about here on my blog. A popular suggestion seemed to be weightloss. Now don't get me wrong, I agree with healthy living and being fit as … Continue reading Living my best Instagram life

Yoga & meditation: my experience

YOGA The word 'yoga' translates to 'union'. Sadhguru, a well-known yogi and New York Times Bestselling Author defines yoga as "that which brings you to reality". But what does yoga mean to you? I started doing yoga and meditation frequently, a little over a year ago and it's been a journey. When I first started … Continue reading Yoga & meditation: my experience