12 years to halt Climate Change

According to the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC), published by the UN, we have merely 12 years to reduce our carbon emissions by an astounding 45%. So essentially, 12 years to limit global warming as best as we can to prevent the crossing of the global 1.5C mark agreed upon … Continue reading 12 years to halt Climate Change

International Coastal Cleanup 2018

Hey lovelies! It's been a while since I've taken out my laptop and whipped up a blog post for you guys. But I'm back! Today's post is all about International Coastal Cleanup Day. Yes. I know I'm a bit late but better late than never right? International Coastal Cleanup initiative came about over 30 years … Continue reading International Coastal Cleanup 2018

New hair new me?

Before we discuss my new 1960's/70's inspired hairstyle, my post schedule. It's been a mess, I know. Life has been crazy over the last few weeks and I'm about to give you the oldest excuse in the book...I haven't been able to find the time to blog. Exams are quickly approaching and let's just say, … Continue reading New hair new me?

Is there a difference between your pet and a farmed animal?

So earlier this week we observed love your pet day and social media was filled with appreciation posts for pets worldwide. This got me once again thinking about the favouritism and preference that is showed to certain species (pets) while we oppress and bestow suffering upon the other animals of this world. We keep pets in … Continue reading Is there a difference between your pet and a farmed animal?


So you've read the title of this post and you're probably wondering what Veganuary is. Essentially it's where persons take a 31-day pledge to go Vegan. No animal products or by-products for one month. Why the month of January? Because that's when people are most susceptible to change and are usually looking for a healthier diet. This … Continue reading Veganuary

My 2018 goals

Year after year, I (and probably almost every other human being out there) make countless New Year's resolutions. I do it knowing that they probably won't last past the second week of January.  But not this year. This year I've decided to change things up a bit. I wrote a short list of aspects of my … Continue reading My 2018 goals

Tips for going Vegan

Here on the blog, I've covered why I went Vegan, the struggles of being Vegan and today, tips. Whether you've recently gone Vegan or was just exposed to the idea and are interested in making the change, this post is for you. Everyone is different and transitions differently, but these are the tips that i've … Continue reading Tips for going Vegan

What does the location of your breakouts say about your health?

Personally, I have never really had any bad breakouts (with the exception of one when I was 14) but like everyone, I've had a few pimples pop up here and there. I learned not too long ago that pimples that appear in certain areas of your face can actually say a lot about your health. … Continue reading What does the location of your breakouts say about your health?

It’s okay to not be okay 

It's okay to stain your pillow with tears, crying yourself to sleep at night. It's okay to listen to depressing music that will make you even sadder than you were before. It's okay to play scenarios over and over and over in your head, wishing there was a different outcome or happier ending. It's okay … Continue reading It’s okay to not be okay