How often should you really be washing your hair?

This topic has always been a controversial one. Everyone seems to have their own take on it and rightfully so. Everyone's hair is different and requires individual care. And after all, who knows your hair better than you do. But is it possible that you're washing your hair too often? When this topic comes up … Continue reading How often should you really be washing your hair?

New hair new me?

Before we discuss my new 1960's/70's inspired hairstyle, my post schedule. It's been a mess, I know. Life has been crazy over the last few weeks and I'm about to give you the oldest excuse in the book...I haven't been able to find the time to blog. Exams are quickly approaching and let's just say, … Continue reading New hair new me?

How I refresh my curls

While I love my curls, being a curly-haired girl does have its struggles. My curls typically look good for the first three or so days after wash day. But after that point, it tends to get fizzy and does not look good without a bit of help. I wash my hair once a week so from … Continue reading How I refresh my curls