An anxious mess at 3:27 am

As the title states, it’s currently 3:27 am and I am indeed a MESS. I’ve been hanging on by a thread these last couple of months but I refuse to let go. I’ve decided that I want to keep fighting, now more than ever before. There’s no structure to this post (much like my life … Continue reading An anxious mess at 3:27 am

New hair new me?

Before we discuss my new 1960's/70's inspired hairstyle, my post schedule. It's been a mess, I know. Life has been crazy over the last few weeks and I'm about to give you the oldest excuse in the book...I haven't been able to find the time to blog. Exams are quickly approaching and let's just say, … Continue reading New hair new me?

It’s okay to not be okay 

It's okay to stain your pillow with tears, crying yourself to sleep at night. It's okay to listen to depressing music that will make you even sadder than you were before. It's okay to play scenarios over and over and over in your head, wishing there was a different outcome or happier ending. It's okay … Continue reading It’s okay to not be okay