So you've read the title of this post and you're probably wondering what Veganuary is. Essentially it's where persons take a 31-day pledge to go Vegan. No animal products or by-products for one month. Why the month of January? Because that's when people are most susceptible to change and are usually looking for a healthier diet. This … Continue reading Veganuary

Veganism Q&A

In honour of World Vegan Day, I decided to do a Question & Answer post where I answer the questions (about Veganism) that you sent in. Let's hop right into the questions, shall we? How can you be Vegan in Trinidad if you're on a budget?I addressed this topic in my 'Is Veganism Expensive' post so be … Continue reading Veganism Q&A

Overcoming my fear…sort of

As I mentioned in my Versatile Blogger Award post, I can't swim. I also have a fear of drowning. Does this fear make me want to learn to swim (so I could minimize the risk of me actually drowning)? No. And there's more...I also tend to get sea sick. Typically I would avoid deep waters and … Continue reading Overcoming my fear…sort of